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Working in your computer usually leaves unwanted evidence of your activity. Either when you use the operating system, open a document or browse the Internet, you will be leaving traces of what you do. This has two shortcomings: on the one hand, they pose a serious threat to your privacy; while on the other, they will accumulate and stuff your hard disks until there is no free space left.
Internet Privacy Pro offers to erase unwanted private data from your computer. An intuitive interface will let you choose the areas to clean. In this respect, you can eliminate Windows items, such as temp files, open documents history, Recycle bin, Media Player recent files list and many others. In addition, it will take care of traces left by Microsoft Office applications. In terms of Internet activity evidence, this application will let you set separate cleaning options for each of your browsers, instant messengers and file-sharing programs. Finally, it will allow you to create a list of custom items. Once you have finished configuring these aspects, you will be able to proceed to clean by just a simple click. This application will use U.S. Department of Defense clearing and sanitizing standard DOD 5220.22-M to safely erase sensitive data so that it cannot be accessed by data recovery applications. Furthermore, Internet Privacy Pro can be scheduled for regular cleanings or set for automatic cleaning during shutdown or startup.
In general, using this application will help you optimize your system with the resulting positive impact on PC performance, protection to your privacy, Internet browsing speed, free disk space availability and startup time. Performing cleaning actions is so simple that even beginners could use this application and benefit from the advantages above mentioned.

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  • It is easy to use
  • You can customize exactly what areas to clean
  • Regular cleaning actions can be scheduled


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